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Solax Reward Is Here

Solax Reward is Here

Saving Energy Can Earn You Points

To join Solax X-points is really easy to do. All you have to do is click on this URL. It is free to join.

It is a real easy user-friendly site. When you join you have an option of getting all the latest information about the Solax company. Any updates and news.

Solax Rewards

Okay! This is the best part. These rewards are no chocolates in gift bags. We are talking about stuff we love! Here are just a few items but expect more to come.

  • Apple Mac book Pro 13
  • Apple iPhone 11 pro
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Apple AirPods With Charging Case
  • Kindle Fire 7 Tablets

Earn bonus points for sharing your installs with the world  #solaxinstall

What we find really cool is when you post on your social media about your Solax, you can earn bonus points. Just by putting in this tag #solaxinstall.

Solax is a company that really believes in what they do. And we can see that they are really trying to push green energy and strive to improve their customer’s relationship throughout the years. Solar Panels Malaga S.L. team is proud to say that we are very happy with there product and services.

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