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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Solar Panels Legal?

Yes. Spanish law now allows you to install an electric solar and register with the industry and energy bulletin to sell your excess electricity back to the electric company.

What sort of paperwork do i need to install a solar system?

Only an electricity bill, valid ID document, and Spanish residency card. We handle all the paperwork, supply any contracts necessary, and guide you through the process.

What happened to the sun tax?

It is not longer exists. When the legislation became solar-friendly a few years ago, this was abolished and the ability to sell your excess electricity was introduced.

Does the electric company want me to install panels? Could they stop me?

The electric company does want you to have solar installation. This is because you will be producing electricity for their grid and selling it to them at a reduced rate. As such both parties profit, you save and they supplement their electricity supply.


How will they look on my property?

Solar panels for electricity are very advantageous for a number of reasons. Owing to the fact the can go on almost any surface and angle, the most installation has a very low aesthetic impact. This is important if, like many energy producers, your panels having a low aesthetic impact is a priority.

What is the difference between hot water panels and electric panels?

The main difference is that the hot water panels only produce hot water and the electric panels only produce electricity. The electric panels have almost made the hot water systems obsolete, being easier to install offering more options not having to go at an angle, and being lighter.

Are my panels easy to clean?

Yes! On the rare occasion, they do need a clean, simply hosing or gently wipe with a damp cloth is enough.

Do my panels need maintenance?

NO. They do not need any form of scheduled maintenance. If there is ever any issue with your solar panels, call our customer care department immediately. Do not attempt to handle the panel as it carries direct current and you risk electric shock!

Are my panels easy to break?

No. Your panels are designed to withstand not only transporting but also high winds, hail, and rapid temperature fluctuations.

Can the panels blow off my roof?

No. The airplane grade aluminum the structure is made of has a very high-stress rating. This is also secured at 8-24 points to the roof by means of heavily sealed attachment rods drilled into the roof's strongest sections.

What is the best angle for the panels?

Almost any angle will suffice, as long as there is nothing shading the panels and the orientation is correct *south-facing* they may be placed flat to any surface, from an angled section of roof to an un-used terrace.


Why do i need an inverter?

Your inverter is an integral part of your system. It allows you to use the electricity produced by the panels when necessary will divert your excess electricity back to the electric company and sends production statistics to the online app to be monitored remotely.

Where can the inverter be placed?

The inverter can be placed almost anywhere allowing for cabling restrictions. It comes IP65 Rated, meaning it can be installed outdoors, however, when possible we recommend an out of the way spot inside the property.

Does my inverter need maintenance?

NO. They do not need any form of scheduled maintenance. If there is ever any issue with your inverter, call our customer care department immediately. Do not attempt to handle the inverter as it carries a direct current and you risk electric shock.


Solar Panels Malaga Team installing Panels on a very slant roof in Malaga Spain

When can i install my system?

We organize an installation date that suits you. The installation is usually done within 4-7 hours with the system fully tested and working.

How long does an installation take?

Assuming there are no complications the system is installed and fully working within 4-7 hours.

When am I required to pay for my system?

Payment options and details will be organized along with the installation date. There is no deposit required, payment is accepted on installation day.

What if my neighbors or president is worried about my panel's aesthetic impact?

This is a very common and understandable concern for many shares. We are more than happy to coordinate and explain in-person to your president how the aesthetic impact will be very low. Just scan the QR code at the top of this page to call your assessment officer if you have a question.

How do I sell electricity to the electric company?

Once we have installed your system, we register you with the Spanish industry and energy bulletin as an Energy producer. With that, we can prove to the electric company you have a solar system and they will accept electric input from your grid connection.

Can i make money from selling electricity to the electric company?

No. The process is set up so that any excess electricity you "sell" or divert to the electric company is displayed as a discount on your bill.

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